LYRICS BORN-“The Season Pho Variety Show Mixtape”

Lyrics Born (a.k.a. Asia Born, formerly of Latryx) has been tops on my playlist ever since his joint, “Calling Out” on his Same !@#$ Different Day record.  I’m not sure why I don’t hear more about him (I hope it’s not because he’s Asian), but damn I’m psyched to learn he’s got another album coming out soon (As You Were), and a mixtape to promote it, “The Season Pho Variety Show.”  This mixtape is so good, even the interludes are funny.  His ability to make head-bobbing hooks and witty verses, and his infectious, bouncy flow have not dimished in the least.

He’s selling the tape here, and I recommend you buy it.  It’s just 5 bucks.  There’s stuff here that won’t be on the album, remixes, and a few preview tracks.  And since As You Were won’t drop until 2010, this is the closest you’re gonna get to it for a year.

Highest recommendation, folks.

Beautiful Bowlegged Lady

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