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Posts made in June 17th, 2009


The album is marked by Middleton’s characteristicly Scottish voice, wonderful lyrics, and skillful interplay between his vocals and guitar/keyboards.  But it feels somewhat sad–filled with longing and sorrow.  Like a last album.  Even on the quick, catchy, and charming single, “Red Travellin’ Socks,” there is a sense of finality.  It’s as if he’s created an album that consists entirely of tracks from the last song on side B.  A very interesting result, for sure, and a moving experience, this record

An Arab Strap

An Arab Strap

gets my highest recommendation.

Red Travellin’ Socks (YSI)

Zero (YSI)


My Delirium (Ladyhawke cover)

Call the Shots (Girls Aloud cover)

Issues (The Saturdays cover)

We’re All Going to Die (acoustic demo)-Arab Strap



A Louder Disaster has an unmistakably L.A. sound—it’s slick, well-produced, has a hotly talented bass player and the lead singer/guitarist has a pitch-perfect voice.  Oh, and her name is Marie Catastrophe.  But classifying the band as L.A. powerpop isn’t so simple.  After all, they cover Alkaline Trio, an esoteric (and tasteful) choice, to be sure.  “Stop the Sound” could be on a soundtrack, it’s easy to imagine a young Geena Davis riding shotgun in a black Caddie, light rain making reflections on the hood, with Harrison Ford in control, driving too fast.  “The Art of Scapegoating” is the best track here, in my view, with it’s near-to-Go Gos infectious chorus and great drumming in the background.
Plus, they’re generous!

You can win a copy of a tote bag holding their EP, with the afore mentioned A-Trio cover, just by being one of the first people to e-mail me your address.  As long as you live in the U.S. or Canada.  Actually, you could live in both places.  But you’re only getting one prize.


Evil Ways


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