JOELL ORTIZ-“Covers the Classics”

00-joell_ortiz-covers_the_classics-front-2009And so it arrives: The first really great mixtape of ’09.  Joell Ortiz’s “The Brick” was one of the best rap debuts of this decade, but since then I haven’t been all that impressed with his work.  Here, he redeems himself.

Joell hits classic beats by Naughty By Nature, Public Enemy, and kills LL Cool J’s “Goin’ Back to Cali.”  He raps over “Rapper’s Delight,” “Mass Appeal,” and Eric B and Rakim’s “Know the Ledge.”  All classic beats.  I recommend you cop it and listen without reading the song titles, see if you can identify it all.

Even casual rap fans should get this and check it out.


01. Intro
02. Rappers Delight (feat. DJ Enuff)
03. Know The BK Ledge
04. Somethin for Hot 97 (feat. DJ Camilo)
05. Strictly the Bizness
06. Treat Me Right
07. Industry Enemy #1
08. Brooklyn Children’s Story
09. I Can’t Go Broke
10. Live At Cooper Day BBQ
11. Uptown Anthem
12. U.N.I.T.Y.
13. T.R.O.Y.
14. Primo Tribute
15. Just To Get A Check
16. Mass Appeal
17. Act Like They Don’t Know
18. The Whut (Animal Shit)
19. BK Get Money
20. Got My Mind Made Up
21. Drop A Gem On ‘Em
22. Intercourse
23. Cell Therapies
24. High Roller
25. Brooklyn Ghetto Child
26. What They Do (Root’s Tribute)
27. Renee’s Revenge
28. Goin To Miami (feat. DJ Khaled)
29. What Happened To Hip Hop
30. 4,3,2,1
31. Recognize
32. 24HRS
33. Rican Ebonics 09


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