I’ve been sickasadog lately, so you all benefit by me having boredtime and not being inclined towards facebookmyspaceratemysack stuff.  Shout outs and links to cool (mostly) musical madness on the ‘net:

1.  I Kissed a Girl (Kate Nash cover)-The Woodhands. An electroduo from Canada, now on tour, who also covered Eddie Grant’s Electric Avenue a few months back.  For more info, hit their myspace.

2.  Best new show you’re not watching: Free Radio on VH1 (now in a new season).  It’s basically a semi-scripted televised Stern show, but with less “reality” and more retard humor.  With guests like Keifer Southerland and Tony Hawk (who got sprayed with a supersoaker full of pee).  If you don’t laugh at this show, you’re a stuck up asshole.

3.  Remember when I told you about Jill Sobule’s new album a few days ago?  How she self-financed it?  Well, now a less-known band is trying the same thing.  They’re called Black Hat Brigade, and if you donate money to their new album, they’ll send you an EP (for any donation less than 5 bucks–more cash gets you more benefits).  You’d expect a project like this to pretty much suck, right?  But it doesn’t.  Their EP, which you can also get at their live shows, is very good.  Much of it is instrumental, but it’s awesome nevertheless.  And one of the songs is named for zombies, so there you go.  No reason not to give ’em a donation.  Check out their myspace for details.

Zombie City Shake

4.  Last but not least, Anthem In has a new EP out.  On it, they cover Kate Bush!  Check it out!

Cloudbursting-Kate Bush

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