Quasar-The band that was the hardcore Beasties. Before they started rapping. A few tastes, then the zip. Dig it.
Time For Livin’ (live)
Egg Raid On Mojo (live)
Brand New (live)
Ode To … (live)
Red Tape (Minor Threat Cover) (live)
Mullethead (live)
Riot Fight (live)
Nervous Assistant (live)
53rd And 3rd (Ramones Cover) (live)
I Want Some (live)
Tough Guy (live)
Transit Cop (live)
Deal With It (live)
Believe Me (live)
Beastie Boys (live)
I’m A Cliche (X-Ray Spex Cover) (live)
Soba Violence (live)
Square Wave In Unison (live)
Reagan Youth (Reagan Youth Cover)(live)
I Can’t Think Straight (live)
You Catch A Bad One (live)
Big Shot (live)
Heart Attack Man (live)


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  • Very cool looking show, can’t wait to give it a listen. Thanks a bunch for sharing it.

  • nick

    for the record, Quasar was the Beastie Boys’ stage name they went under in a few tours after the release of their hardcore ep Aglio E Olio (1995), not before the group turned to rap in 86

    they actually started off as the hardcore band The Young Aboriginies (1979) and then changed their name in 1981 to Beastie Boys, but didnt start rapping till 83/84