Why does the single look like there’s a dude with a penis head?

A preview of The Talking Heads Family, A to Z, coming soon to what should be your favorite blog . . .

1. Psycho Killer-Bushwalla. I’m going to post a crapload of covers this, the definitive postpunk Talking Heads tune, nihilistic, weird, and with a French refrain that sounds vaguely pornographic (even if it isn’t).

2. Psycho Killer-Jason Isbell. A staple at the former Drive-By Truckerser’s (yes, that is grammatically correct) shows, this is the rare example of an afrobeat song that works even better as Americana. Bicontinental white rock! You’ll find it in the zip file of an upcoming A to Z post. Until then, I’m tickling your ass with this feature.

3. Psycho Killer-Blake Tedder. Raw and badly recorded, this is just for those of you who can’t get enough versions of one song.

4. Psycho Killer-Bishop Allen. And yet, it still continues to work as indienerdrock as well. So versatile, so bilingual. For the mp3, you’ll have to wait!

5. PK-The Stink.

6. PK-The Tom Tom Club. Minus Dave B., the tune still works.

7. Psycho Killer-The Argies. But perhaps this is the coolest version of them all. It’s like, metalpunk. Again, it’ll be in the zip file of the upcoming A to Z post. Hold your horses!

8. Psycho Killer-Codename. Does this guy not know the words? Does he forget them before he remembers them? Who cares! I’m just here for the terrific bass solo. Don’t tune out before it arrives . . .

9. PK-Blue Merle.

10. Psycho Killer-Moxy Frovus. The sound is a little muddy, but it’s cool nonetheless. And that’s it . . . For now.

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