BELL HOLLOW-“Foxgloves”

Bell Hollow make the kind of dreamy pop typical of Echo and the Bunnymen and The Psychedelic Furs—Dark and deep, but still lighter than the kind of thing The Editors and The National are cranking out these days. They’ve got a lead singer with a deep voice, feature jangly guitars, steady beats, and a fairly minimalist approach that still seems to sound big. “Foxgloves,” the title track of their debut, manages to move that genre a bit by adding some sweet pitch and tempo changes, producing a sound that is more nostalgic than retro (by which I mean that it’s a tribute not a knock off). The entire album consistently creeps and lumbers forward, steady and without menace, through all of its gentle, postpunk pop tunes. A great way to carry on the tradition of The Smiths.

Foxgloves-Bell Hollow

Reprinted from my old site

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