DL INCOGNITO-“A Captured Moment In Time”

Underground rapper DL Incognito, a Juno-nominee who’s been in the biz for ten years, just dropped his fourth record, “A Captured Moment in Time,” on his own Nine Planets label.

Canada, like Britain, has never really mastered the rap game (K-Os is the exception, and Kardinal Offishall isn’t bad but isn’t great), so it’s especially remarkable that such a fantastic album has emerged from the region. The verses are similar to Talib or Common, focusing on philosophy and relationships instead of drugs and bling. (“I had two chicks/time not well invested” he says on “Fresh to Death,” lamenting misspent youth.) And just when he starts to get a little too obtuse, Theology 3’s guest shot arrives on “Atmosphere”—“spitting raw butane” from “the top of the Wu Tang,” and name-dropping Boot Camp Clik—which brings it all back down to earth.

DL Incognito’s skill as a lyricist is matched by his production chops. Most of the tracks lie on fairly simple beds, but the Neptunes have proven that simple doesn’t mean boring. “Grand Scale” has the bombast of its title, between the horn section and the creeping gangsta-style bassline. On the other hand, “Fresh to Death” has a sunny, upbeat trumpet-driven beat that’s perfect for a fast car ride.

This is a solid release that deserves your ears and your support.

Atmosphere-DL Incognito Feat. Theology 3

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