THE IRY-“Dinner for Two on the Moon”

I’m going to start this review with a caveat: The Iry did not send me their entire new album, just the promotional EP, which has just five songs. But based on these five tunes, I’m pronouncing this a really good album. The band is an Ohio quintet of guitars, drums, piano, and crisp vocals, with a sound that’s a little bit like a slicker, more upbeat Editors, Muse, Coldplay, or Cold War Kids. It’s also comparable to The Killers. If that sounds a little produced, a little “ready for MTVU”, it is. But don’t let that keep you away. The band doesn’t sound assembled for the studio–they play with (not against) each other, and this already is their second release. I’m recommending you give it a try–the band sounds young, they need to stretch out a little bit, to get beyond their comfort zone, but I instantly felt comfortable with their music. The hooks are tight, and the songs are well-composed. And it’s growing on me with each listen, the way good indie pop should.

Check it out.


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