I’m going to recommend to you one of the best albums of the year that you’ve never heard of: Bad Voodoo. Rarely does one get the chance to hear so many different styles of music on one album. To wit:

“I Was Walking” is a simple chunk of riff-driven, powerchord pop punk, in the spirit of We Are Scientists or Iggy Pop.

“Foolish Ecstasy,” on the other hand, is a creepy and demented ballad, reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s “Goin’ To California,” complete with falsetto and acoustic guitar. The chorus, if you can call it that, goes: “Sweaty misery, alcoholic fantasy/Tracing lines of my foolish ecstasy.” I have no idea what it means, but what great imagery!

“Fur on the Mirror” is almost like an electronica version of the Gregorian chants.

“Hushabye Baby” appears facially simplistic, but underneath it is a complex and unique rhythm that prompted my 8-year-old to say, “This is weird, dad.” Compared to all these songs, “No Sale” is almost conventional, an indie rock and roll song trying to sound classic by including a verse about how the best things in life are free. I hate to disagree with them on this point: The best things in life cost about ten bucks. Like Kehmo Rabbit‘s CD, f’instance.

Available from Borrowdeer records.

Bad Voodoo

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