In honor of the Fourth of July, here’s a host of covers by a great patriot who knows that just because you criticize a country, doesn’t mean you hate it.

A is for Arcade Fire-State Trooper.

B is for Badly Drawn Boy-Thunder Road

C is for Cold War Kids-State Trooper

D is for Dancin’ In the Dark-Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

E is for Everything But the Girl-My Hometown.

F is for Fire-Sound of Urchin. You thought I’d post the Pointer Sisters version? Are you fucking crazy?

G is for Garrin! Reason to Believe-Dan Bern and Garrin Benfield

H is for Hungry Heart-Stars.

I is for I’m On Fire-Carbon Leaf

J is for Janie Don’t You Lose Heart-Scott Miller and the Commonwealth. One of my all-time favorite Bruce tunes.

K is for Greg Kihn-Thunder Road. Remember Greg? “Our love’s in jeopardy! Baby!” This version sucks, but it’s funny to hear. Thanks for for this one. They posted a bunch of Thunder Road versions recently.

L is for lovin’ this post so far? Drop me a comment, then!

M is for Marah-Streets of Philadelphia. A solid bar band covers what is the worst Springsteen singles ever to win a Grammy.

N is for No Surrender-Pearl Jam.

R is for Ramrod-Warren Zevon

S is for the Slot machines at . . . Atlantic City-Warren Zevon. Another great version is Pearl Jam’s Atlantic City.

T and U are for Team Up!  As in, U2’s team up with the Boss! I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For-U2 and Bruce Springsteen.

V is for nothing.

W is for Tom Waits-Jersey Girl. A song Tom wrote, but Bruce made famous.

X marks the spot where I say that Y is for you’re almost at the end of this post . . .

And last but not least, Z is for Zevon-Cadillac Ranch