Thailand have begun getting the buzz around the blogs, so when they sent me their CD I was curious to see what it was like. I was very surprised. This is music that is uncategorizable, jumping from hard n’ heavy riffs to electronica, featuring both female and male vocal tracks, going from Wire-type punk, through Human League synth-driven pop, and ending at late ’80s-early ’90s britpop . . . It almost sounds like a mixtape. Which is perfect for me, since I let my iPod choose my music for me about half the time I listen. I guess overall they’d be called either synthpop or indie electronica, but who the heck cares. This is a fantastic album. There’s so many cuts that could and should easily become blogosphere and college-radio hits.

Their debut full length, Motorcade, was mastered by Dave (Silversun Pickups, JDilla, Long Distance Runner) Cooley, and is available on iTunes or direct from their website, which, although it’s a myspace music page, lets you download four free cuts.

For fans of: Old R.E.M., Talking Heads, and indie rock in general.

Strong Like Lightning-Thailand

Ocean of Fire-Thailand

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